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Imagine a Wonderful World Where We No Longer Talk about Marketing and Sales

Rainbow Row in Charleston stands out from my recent trip.

The trip was a last-minute family vacation to explore and make memories with my 2 boys and, let me tell you, this town knows how to make memories!

From the history, hospitality found in restaurants to the kindness on the streets, Charleston has a culture that we are going to remember forever.

The thing about business whether you are looking for more customers, visitors, or clients is that you are in the making memory business.

From th…

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Falling in Love with a Brand a First Sight


I recently stayed at a new hotel chain, and I have never been so in love!

Every little detail made such a difference from the smells in the hotel, lobby check-in even to the music, flowers, and art in the elevator. I even have looked up where they are located in other cities and started booking my next adventure!

This is the difference between a customer of convenience or a raving fan. Where businesses go wrong is they think more customers = more sales. When actually it is off by a mile. Happy…

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A Successful Brand Is Just like a Great Party


Feasting & being around the table is one of my favorite things to do. 

I love the connection, conversations, and memories made. 

I believe that a successful brand is just like a great party you are hosting - you simply decide on how you want your clients to feel and invite them to a party you are hosting and your job is to serve them well.  

Are you tired of feeling one inch deep and a mile wide in strategies to chase new clients instead of maximizing your current clients to grow your sales?

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What Do Peloton, Tesla and Apple All Have in Common

What do you think Peloton, Tesla and Apple all have in common?  


I'll tell you the secret - it's that they have clients chasing them. They have a raving fan culture that makes clients want to spend more time with them, more money with them and tell the world about their experiences with them.

In today's noisy world, a brand that builds a curated sales culture wins.

But how do you curate a sales culture that has clients chasing you, falling in love with you and telling the world about you?…

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Super Bowl Commercial Reviews


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Clients Versus Raving Fans - Do You Know Which Are Better?


It was Harry S. Truman who said, “Not All Readers Are Leaders, But All Leaders Are Readers.” Some of the best and most successful leaders in business often quote President Truman’s philosophy as one of their keys to success.

I am obsessed with books, and they fill the shelves in every room of my house.

Although I try to buy the latest & greatest in books, there are also classics I love to revisit.

One of my favorites is Pat Flynn's Superfans book.

Most people have their business funnel flipp…

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Turning on the Heat for $233,000 per Second- Would You Spend It?


Today is one of my favorite days- and not because of football! Emotions are high today!

People take sides, colors are flailing, and fierce loyalties sometimes come into conflict. All of this is the environment for the most expensive marketing moment. What could it be? The Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the ultimate stage for advertisers & magical marketing. 

During the Superbowl for 30 Glorious seconds, one brand can have the opportunity to capture a nation's eyeballs and wallets for a brief…

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What's the Mom Rule of Marketing? Don't Be Remembered for the Wrong Thing


Don't be remembered for the wrong thing. I have said that to my kids since they were born. And, interestingly enough, I also say that same piece of advice to my clients.

Don't be remembered for the wrong thing. Instead, be remembered for the things you're good at, for the things you stand for, for the fascinating advantage you authentically can shine in.

Too often, I see brands trying to be more different, more exciting. But, unfortunately, being different is not as important as being better a…

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This Brand Language Likes to Surprise, Build Suspense, and Spark Curiosity

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How Much Do You Love Online Shopping with Amazon?


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