Turning on the Heat for $233,000 per Second- Would You Spend It?


Today is one of my favorite days- and not because of football! Emotions are high today!

People take sides, colors are flailing, and fierce loyalties sometimes come into conflict. All of this is the environment for the most expensive marketing moment. What could it be? The Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the ultimate stage for advertisers & magical marketing. 

During the Superbowl for 30 Glorious seconds, one brand can have the opportunity to capture a nation's eyeballs and wallets for a brief moment no matter who they're rooting for or what their home team is.

They are there to share these same experiences and be captured by the marketing dollars spent on advertisements. For a sliver of the attention they get advertisers, advertisers pay this year 7 million dollars for a 30-second ad about $233,000 per second, which is a bargain price. I dated a marketing director for super bowl ads once, and these people spend 12 months working on ads!!!!

Why? Because one study reported that a single Superbowl ad can generate more sales than over 250 Regular commercials. That is mind-blowing!

So in the distracted and competitive environment, the most fascinating option wins. The most profoundly aligned messaging that speaks to the right clients will win. You will have an opportunity to see all the 7 languages of fascination today being used to capture, seduce and sell.

Most people watch the Super Bowl for football. But for me, I actually wanted to say the commercials. I debate all the fascinating points. And I look at what actual brands are communicating and what type of clients are communicating to what are the tactics they're taking and the positions they're making.

Some Superbowl ads may speak the language of innovation, which can be about something out of the box, more shocking and unexpected than any other brand.

Some brands may be speaking in the language of passion, where it's about family holding hands, Puppies, and babies that get us all inspired by emotional connection.

Or maybe you'll see some of the prestigious brands, which are celebrity-backed brands speak the language of prestige.

No matter what. Take a look at the ads today and think- what type of ad would your brand speak?

And if you were given $7 million to fascinate somebody, what message or tactic would you best use? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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