Imagine a Wonderful World Where We No Longer Talk about Marketing and Sales

Rainbow Row in Charleston stands out from my recent trip.

The trip was a last-minute family vacation to explore and make memories with my 2 boys and, let me tell you, this town knows how to make memories!

From the history, hospitality found in restaurants to the kindness on the streets, Charleston has a culture that we are going to remember forever.

The thing about business whether you are looking for more customers, visitors, or clients is that you are in the making memory business.

From the moment a customer is interested in you to their first touchpoint, there is an opportunity to make a memory. The difference between a brand that does this or a brand that just makes sales their focus is simple;

๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ One business will be chasing customers.
๐ŸŽฏ One will have customers chase them.

Which one are you?

โ“ Do you know how your customers feel when they reach out to you, buy from your work with you?
โ“ Do you know what kind of memories are made when they work with you? Or where you can improve?
โ“ How does your customer talk about you or rate you?

In order for sales to be a successful part of a growing brand, we have to change the narrative around sales. It is not just about selling something to someone - it is about connecting to your ideal client in a way that makes them want to tell the world about you.

That is my vision, a world where we are no longer talking about marketing and sales as 2 silos that we have to balance in our business, but how to curate a culture your clients want to be a part of.


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