Is Your Brand Communicating Exclusivity or Commonness?


What brand immediately comes to mind when you think about excellence? Are there brands that make you feel like one of the club? (Tesla, Ferrari, Amex black card, even Apple) 

These brands use the language of prestige- which is the language of excellence. It's about communicating exclusivity, achievement, and value.

Prestige is about how to create a quality level of fascination. It's about elevating the status.

There are 7 different ways of fascinate. It is important to know how your brand is most fascinating and how to facinate your ideal client. Especially the prestige clients since they look for authentic quality!

Prestige can come in many forms. It can come as a brand identity, of exclusivity, a certain number of spots that you can take clients in, a certain quantity of production, or it can also be a certain level of membership that your clients can achieve.

Ultimately, to become extraordinary to your clients that speak the language of prestige, you must have an aspirational level to your business or product that they feel sets a new standard of doing business with you. Limited availability is a great way, as well as, increasing the perceived value.

Prestige is a level that allows you to go to that next level of clients in a way that really is a game-changer for your sales.

Prestige clients speak the language of EXCELLENCE.

They aim to have brands exceed their everyday expectations.

They look for brands that are admired for their attention to detail, expertise, and high-quality results.

Prestige clients stay focused on their goals of leveling up and look for brands that help them get there.

When they’re on top of their game, they are often described as:

  • Respected
  • Ambitious
  • Results-Oriented

What can happen when you learn how to speak the language of Prestige to your ideal clients?

  • Offer higher-pricing and more selective products
  • Be more selective in your clients and choose who you want to work with at the top level
  • Have a higher-perceived value that moves you into the market of one 

Every brand has the opportunity to reach a prestigious client, and have them invest no matter what the price point is. It is about QUALITY, not quantity!

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