What’s Love Got to Do with Your Business?

This is the time of year that a lot of people speak about love. 

I was on a few of my business client calls where we were discussing the time of year, Valentine's and love. A few of them said, "Oh, I don't think about that. It's just a Hallmark holiday." 

Okay, I'm going to call BS on that right now!

First of all, love is a beautiful human emotion that fuels your business in a way that, if you do not have this core idea of how love affects your business, then you’ve got it backwards. 

I love helping businesses create a larger impact and let visionary owners, leaders, and small business owners totally love what they do. 

Let's break down love and how it affects your business to be more productive, have more client acquisition, increase your sales, be more meaningful with your marketing, and get rid of the drain overwhelmed stress that you sometimes might feel in all that you're doing.

First of all, when you are in love, you have four very clear emotions that surround love. Love is not an easy thing. It is not something that you simply just can measure. It's not an ROI. 

See, that's the beauty and that's the secret. It's an emotion. It truly floods you in a way that you have no idea. You just go, "This feels so good." 

When you are in love with somebody or you are in love with a product, you don't sit there and analyze, well, is it warm? Is it cold? Is it? How do I feel? You just know it with all fiber of your being. Why? Because love gives you these four emotions that will empower you to be more successful in your business. It gives you passion, dedication, energy, and authenticity. 

 Love gives you passion, dedication, energy, and authenticity 

Let me break that down for you:

#1 Passion

Love is passion, right? It gives you that fuel, that excitement, the passion for what you want to do. How do you trigger the passion to be more productive? Well, first of all, passion is the fuel behind your why. Your why is the unifying fact as to why people want to work with you. It brings them in. It's the core foundation. If you know your why and you are passionate behind it, people just elevate. They want to be a part of that. So, the passion you have for your project is so beautiful. People want a piece of that.

#2 Dedication

Two, dedication. When you are in love and you love a product, you suddenly become much more dedicated to that person or that idea. Now, how does that work for you? Think about it. When you're in love and you love that person, you are willing to do what it takes to show it. You're willing to enthusiastically greet them. You talk differently, you're excited. Guess what? That is exactly what your team wants and your clients want. They do not want you to show up with some other agenda in mind. Got to make the payroll... Got to have a better open rate for my emails…. Must trick them with clickbait or discount them. 


When you're in love, you show up and you're willing to serve and you're willing to listen because it's not about you when you're in love. It's about helping the other person.

See, this is one of the key things for your marketing to be meaningful and for you to close clients. You must be in love with your clients, for them to be in love with you. What does that look like? Well, first you trigger the passion, right? You start knowing what you're in it for, why you're doing it. Then you start being dedicated to them and energetically and authentically dedicated, which are the last two.

#3 Energize

See, if you show up energized and you give that to your business, instead of you waiting for your business to give you energy, guess what happens? You start demonstrating an experience that is going to already happen as if it's already there. 

When you show up energized, everybody around you will start having that as well. That goes for your clients and your team. 

The way you're going to keep your energy and get rid of the imposter syndrome is if you journal at least five things you love about yourself and your business every morning and every night. That might be hard, but I'm telling you right now, the attitude of gratitude has been proven over and over again to totally transform your mindset, because your reality is what you already want to make it. You can create a really energetic business. It's up to you every morning to bring that energy.

Now, how do you do it with clarity? 

#4 Authenticity

Well, you do it by being authentic, just being out there to get a sale and to be slimy about it, nobody loves that. But when you are there to serve and you think about the other person more than yourself, so your clients, they want to know that they matter. They want to know that you care. 

Think about it. Think about how you can show up authentically energized, passionately and dedicated to them. Take a look at those four things and see how you can make a more impactful week with your team. What do you need to do to show your clients that you're hearing them? Do you need to do a product survey? Do you need to change maybe some of your offers and realize what they really need is maybe a different version of what you offer?

It's not all about you. 

When you're in love, you are not selfish. It's about the other person. When you are marketing, or you are closing sales or getting clients, when you talk about the other person's needs, that's where they get inspired to fall back in love with you. It's like going on a date. Nobody likes to be on a date where the person talks about themselves the whole time, right? You want to think about it. I've been on dates where a person talked about themselves the whole time and how great they were. I didn't go on the second date. What do you need to do to date your client, to show them you care, to show them you're listening?

Think about key words, offers, products that actually show you care. Don't be clever about it. Be clear. Think about products that, when you fall in love, you don't go and just suddenly say, "Oh, I love this. I'm going to keep it to myself." You tell your friends about it, and then you tell them why you love it, and then why they should love it.

Marketing is that simple. It is not complicated. You might make it complicated by following trainings, and all-in coaches and programs. It's not that hard. Use love first. I guarantee you the rest becomes so easy because it is genuine and authentic.

See, love is first internal, right? That's your passion, your why. 

Secondly, it's external. It's how is your team is going to see that and help create plans around it? 

And then thirdly, it's projected. Meaning, what are the ways that you're going to show the rest of the world that you love this, you love them, you care about them, you love your team, you love what you do?

Here's a couple of quick tips:

  • First, I want you to be really clear about what do your customers really need to get to know them better. 
  • Second, how can you serve them? How can you greet them with passion and energy? 
  • Third, how can you make your team meetings more productive? Every decision you have in your team meeting, make sure, is this still in alignment with our vision? Are we still on purpose here? Because, it's easy to get derailed with all the ideas going on.

Now, it is so important that this is taken to heart because these are the secret ingredients that you need to completely scale without fail. To create that Triple Bottom Line means that you know with confidence, the impact, influence, and income you want to make, and you measure your success by making a difference in the world. To do that, you need to have authentic energy, and love is a beautiful fuel and a beautiful source for that. But don't just keep it to yourself. Share it.

 Love Gives You the Fuel to Create Your Triple Bottom Line 

Think about it. When you love a product, when I love my Almond Cow, I started telling my friends about it once I got to know it. I said, "You'll love this. It saves you time and it helps the planet."

Your marketing is that simple

Your passion, your authenticity needs to be that simple. 

Don't spend time or waste money without being clearly in love with your client in a genuine way that's passionate, dedicated, energetic, and authentic. 

I can't wait to hear what other areas you can create a loving way to bring your business to the next level.  Leave a comment and let me know.



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