How to Create a Business & Sales Culture That You Love

  • Know the true worth of your business & your offer
  • Learn how to sell confidently at the high end of your market
  • Be able to position yourself to stand out in the market authentically

  • Have the perfect pitch with your brand message to deliver at any time

  • Discover how to package your products in a premium way 
  • Target & attract ideal clients that fall in love with you
  • Love sales like never before

  • Close your sales with elegance 

  • Feel good about sales

  • Be paid your worth!!!

  • Chrystal Clifton

    “Chrystal is a master at "looking through your closet" and making what you already have better by using systems and strategies that work for your brand. If you are ready to broaden your reach and take your business to the next level, then working with Chrystal is your next step. ”


    Children's Mental Health Expert

  • Chrystal Clifton

    “Chrystal is very clear to follow and she also gives us a lot of big ideas to think about and shift around. There were so many great points that it is hard to pick a favorite but I think for me, the main takeaway was the reminder to play the game my way. So many business coaches tell us to follow their example and do it exactly the way they tell us to. Chrystal’s points around being authentic to ourselves and deliver value in our own style was a great reminder. ”

    Founder, Inspired Tenacity

  • Chrystal Clifton

    “Chrystal is the go to person for anyone who wants to craft the perfect business to fit into a perfectly crafted life.

    Working with Chrystal gave me the
    help and guidance to be successful by making my own rules instead of following someone else’s strategies to grow our business.

    I’ve always had a desire to make a successful freedom business with fewer high quality dream clients than scaling to hundreds of clients and now I see how to do that. ”


    Transformational Coach

  • Chrystal Clifton

    “Chrystal has the ability to nail down and help you refine the purpose of your business and bridge that to bring impact and value to your customers . She is foundational as we grow our business. We choose to work with her to get real success & grow our market.”


Business owners no longer have to choose between passion, purpose or profits.

I help business owners create a business & sales culture that grows their profits in a way that feels good and is in alignment with their vision - allowing them to have confidence & energy to make the income and impact they deserve!


 Identify the core reason your business is unique and learn how to leverage it


Really find what the gold is in your business and how to grow it


Learn how to identify and attract high-end clients in your marketplace


A clear premium profit strategy that allows you to grow sales that you love in a customized way

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Complimentary Business Resources to Grow your Business

 Learn your Brand Super-Power.  Find the most effective way to plan a powerful day. Learn 4 ways to grow your sales and your business. 

All these resources are completely complimentary for you to use in your business.  


One-of-a-Kind Hands on
Mini Sales Retreat

Learn how to sell confidently at the high end of your market and love sales like never before through the five areas of premium sales.

You will walk away with a clear strategy to help you with the number one thing your business needs, sales and profit!!

Spaces are limited to an intimate 12.




An 9-Month, Custom-Tailored, Permanent Results Journey

The Art of Premium Sales Mastermind program takes you through a journey of the greatest advancements in human psychology, sociology, and spirituality. 

Limited to a select few visionary businesswomen who are ready and willing to give themselves PERMISSION to live in luxury and ease!  


An intensive One on One VIP Day Experience

 Scale your business in just one day by investing in my one-on-one VIP day experience.

We will take a deep dive to unpack all your current messages, content pieces, courses and/or methods and explore more about the direction you desire your business to grow in and create a strategic plan to meet your goals.


Take Your Business to the Next Level with my One-on-One Consulting Program 

Build your brand with a custom luxury business model that works best on your vision, goals, and your ideal client's needs.

Only 4 Spaces Available.


Chrystal is an equal mix of business growth strategist, brand positioner and business coach. She helps 6+7 figure business owners infuse social consciousness and purpose into the culture of their company without compromising their profitability.

Her high-level consultancy will help you weave

brand position, purpose, authenticity, and impact into every aspect of your company culture while helping you grow sales and scale what’s working. 

With over 19 years of building internationally awarded businesses, she provides insightful & intuitive strategies to develop a brand that is unique and scalable and create a tribal following.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Chrystal has owned and operated multiple wineries with incredible success in the industries of  luxury food, wine, hospitality, high end products and marketing technology .

Her work focuses on

brand strategy & alignment,  leadership awareness, improved team dynamics, quality client acquisition & increase in profits.

If you are ready to build a culture that is both conscious and profitable, Chrystal is the woman for the job. 


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