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Do you want to learn the powerful tactics 6- and 7- figure entrepreneurs use to reconnect with themselves and scale their businesses with ease and flow? 


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The Art of Premium Sales

…my intense, 9-month, custom-tailored, permanent results

journey beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

You will learn....

  • What it takes to stand out and create a difference in your market.
  • To understand what it means to value your offer.
  • How to raise prices by creating a premium offer that attract your dream clients.
  • To build a business that is seen as a unique, authentic authority.
  • To discover how to grow your business without sacrificing your life, health or relationships.
  • How to bring new, intentional, and focused energy to your business.
  • To grow your profits while growing your impact.

  • About the high-impact sales secrets that successful companies know and utilize to dominate their space.
  • To step into your fullest potential and know that you are worthy of receiving.
  • To understand the difference between a Chanel bag and another bag made with the same materials.
  • How to leverage the permission to be premium in sales
  • What it takes to amplify your dreams... and the tangible action steps to achieve them.

“But how will this help me scale my business to a premium level?”

That’s what many of my clients ask…. At first. But the truth is, your business isn’t stagnant because you need a better Instagram strategy. It isn’t stagnant because you need to improve your offer. 

Your business is stagnant because you, you brave, visionary woman, need to give yourself permission to EXPAND. Your business is an extension of your brilliant personality AND your obstacles. When you unblock your energy, your business will fall into place. 

Only AFTER you’ve given yourself permission to expand into luxury will we:

  • Identify your strongest business strategies, then ELIMINATE the ones that don’t serve your ideal business.
  • Pinpoint the strengths that will propel you to the top of your industry.
  • Develop your core offers for elite clients.
  • Develop a custom business plan for turning you from a tired entrepreneur into a powerful, balanced visionary. 

My 9-month, elite mastermind program is for you if:

  • You’ve already accomplished amazing things, but you know there’s more in store.

  • You’re practicing the marketing strategies, hiring the sales gurus, and buying the online courses…. But you’re frustrated. You feel as if an invisible force is holding you back from that next level of income, and you don’t know why. 

  • You’re endlessly banging your head against an invisible glass ceiling, and you don’t know why. 

  • You want to add another six figures or more to your revenue. You suspect that means you need to do more, be more, hustle harder. If you’re honest, more hustle sounds exhausting. 

  • People tell you you’re a visionary, you’re an inspiration, you’re brave.… but they also tell you you’re selfish for wanting more (or maybe you tell yourself that).

  • Despite the frustration, you know your business can expand. You know there’s a more successful, luxurious life for you. 

You’re not alone. 


Through my elite coaching program, the Art of Premium Sales, I give visionary business owners permission to expand with elegance. My clients learn to grow their business and sales without more hustle and without more pain. We start by uncovering the deep-seated beliefs that keep you banging against your glass ceiling. Once we release your negative beliefs and toxic energy, you’ll have the energy to EXPAND. 

As an elite business strategist for 6- and 7- figure entrepreneurs, I’ve helped women scale with purpose and brought luxury brands to the top of their market. Of course, all my coaching incorporates my love for champagne & cashmere along with sales & marketing. 

Like you, I once puzzled over the REAL reason some women move ahead, catch all the breaks, and move rapidly up that business and financial ladder–while others just stand still, always being passed over, feeling like they’re being taken advantage of.

I decided to keep digging until I uncovered the truth, and now I share it with other passionate (yet frustrated) women.

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The Art of Premium Sales coaching program takes you through a journey of the greatest advancements in human psychology, sociology, and spirituality.

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You might have even heard from – or about – other people in your field who have gotten tremendous results from working with me. People like Rebecca :

  • Chrystal Clifton

    “Chrystal is a gift. I see her as the go to person for anyone who wants to craft the perfect business to fit into a perfectly crafted life. As entrepreneurs it is our right to make our own rules, and we shouldn’t have to follow someone else’s strategies to grow our business. Chrystal is a blessing because she gives people the help and guidance to be successful exactly by making their own rules.

    She helped me see who I should be reaching out to and now I’m so excited now to get in front of my ideal audience. I’ve always had a desire to make a successful freedom business with fewer high quality dream clients than scaling to hundreds of clients and now I see how to do that.”

    Transformational Health Coach

  • Chrystal Clifton

    “Chrystal has infectious energy and amazing insight on business. Her program helped me leverage new revenue streams and ideas for my business. The WHY piece was huge for me. She truly is dynamic, professional, and results oriented. A true breakthrough!
    My business is thriving, and I have discovered a new level of profit & success after doing an intensive with Chrystal.”

    Owner & Founder of Vail Stables

  • Chrystal Clifton

    “The training & tools that Chrystal taught are so helpful. Now whether I’m at work or something’s going on in a relationship, I have a tool to analyze how I can show up to be my best self and achieve the result I want—while being the type of person I need to be.”


My elite coaching program includes:

  • Private 1:1 Strategy Sessions with a 7-figure business owner who has been in your shoes! 

    • Access an Elite Network

    • Start with your customized Elite alignment call 
    • Grow with group weekly inner circle calls 
    • Q&A / check-in to ensure you are able to process and implement what’s learned in each session
    • Private strategy session to nail your strategy for your business AND yourself. 
  • Bonus Experiences
    • MAGNETIC PITCH:  We develop and practice a quick sales pitch so you’re ready to win clients anytime, anywhere. 
    • FEARLESSLY FEMININE IN BUSINESS Complimentary Access to my Fearless Female Academy
    • MONEY TOOLS-  All the tools you need not just to increase your income, but EMBRACE your new luxurious life!

I am ONLY accepting a select few into my program, so this is the chance to gain individual time with me!  


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But is this what’s best for you?

If you own your own business and want to scale to the next level

If you currently have sales and want to move into the premium space, charging a premium price

If you feel that if you had the right clients, you could work with them easily at a premium price (let’s go get them together!)

If the idea of gaining total clarity on your goals and smashing through all barriers to your success sounds good to you….

If you know you have the vision and capability of a 7- figure+ business owner but just need a clear plan

If you are ready & willing to give yourself PERMISSION to live in luxury and ease!

Contact me today to discuss joining the elite circle! I am ONLY accepting a few visionary businesswomen into my program.

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Here's Exactly What You Get With The Art of Premium Sales

  • 6 x 1:1 Calls with Chrystal

    To deep dive into your business and identify what you  need to succeed in a premium way. 

  • Weekly Group Coaching

    Premium Sales and Growth Coaching sessions diving into all aspects of business, mindset, sales in the most customized way. Ask questions, get feedback.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Get support from and give encouragement to like-minded business owners.
  • Online Portal

    You will have your own portal folder which will house all of the recorded coaching calls and templates.

  • Video Training

    Have access to the Fearless Female and Brand Legacy courses 24/7.

  • Premium Mindset Bookclub

    Get a new book sent to you every 2-3 months to read and study.

The Art of Premium Sales Mastermind Program is limited to a select few businesswomen.